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One thing seems prevalent today; we seem to be more concerned with the form of people than the fact that many are lost and need navigation.  Do we embrace before the confession or wait to evaluate before we embrace?

You may have traveled this path I was on before the Holy Spirit began to work with me on this. At the first glance of someone, I could come up with a story about the person even without getting to know as much as the person’s name. This is the scenario my dear Gracy found herself in.

Gracy was called on the podium to demonstrate her gifts to over 2 million people. The young lady pulled herself to the stage, dressed in tattered, worn out clothes dapped with every kind of grime you can imagine.

She stood there speechless for what lasted like an eternity:

  • Each tear on her clothes represented a wrong choice she had made!
  • Each dirt highlighted the abuse and violence society has dumped on them!
  • Her worn out clothes signified the negative devastating circumstances life had brought her way!
  • Each filth stood for the judgmental glares thrown at her daily!

Standing before the crowd, all she saw of herself was a life out of tune. Suddenly, a voice said, “you are valuable, you are talented, you are beautiful and you are a success.”

Regardless of if the voice came from within or out of her, it sparked the most beautiful music to flow out of her.  Within a minute, the crowd cheered, some cried, and a bold spectator asked, “What changed in the young lady.”

Another said, “Self-worth is more important than situations. However, it is important to know the situations in order to know the kind of support to provide.”

Is your judgment keeping someone away from being home? Know the need not being met; help in whatever way you can. Respond in love, not Judgement.

If you are the one not at home, come! There is a hug, acceptance, and restoration waiting for you.


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