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What you need to know about Trauma

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What is your reaction to this statement: “I have given you a sound mind!” Well, before you ask all the questions, I want you to know that those are not my words. I just paraphrased the words of Our creator in 1 Timothy 1: 7.

However, I get it if you felt shivers while reading the opening statement because you think the sound mind if not for you.  The truth is, it is for you! It was given to everyone but it has been robbed from some people by trauma.

Trauma could sneak into your life when you experience a one-time or ongoing assault, sexual abuse, violence, abandonment, natural disasters, emotional distress, grief, medical procedures, accidents and the list goes on and on…

This is not a generalization. I recognize that some people go through these situations but never experience trauma in their lifetime.

That may not be the story for you and me who immediately or after days, weeks, months or years are struggling to cope with our identity, healthy beliefs, self-esteem, emotions, physical pain and overall wellbeing.

I respect your challenges but I want you to know that the recovery of your sound mind is possible. You can get your mind back to what you want it to be because the power to change is still in you.

The strategy of recovery is:

  • Recognize that every hindrance to your sound mind is a lie from the enemy. Uproot it!
  • Plant into your mind the truth found in the manual for your life.

What action can you take today? If you need help to implement this two-step strategy,  help is only an email away.  I am always excited to chat with you!

With Love and Gratitude, discover and enjoy the blessings of God!

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