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Release Your Emotions



Talk about stuffing your emotions and I can tell you all about it because I was an expert at it. I am so grateful for the works of Dr. Brené Brown because it introduced me to a new perspective of vulnerability.

In her book Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and lead; she defines Vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.”

As someone born and raised in a culture and religion which did not encourage expressing your emotions, what I learned from stockpiling is that bottled emotions bring shame, pain, and fear. Bottled emotions are a timely bomb waiting to explode! Trust me when I say this because I have walked down that pathway.

Shame comes from hiding the truth about your feelings and its counterpart fear walks hand in gloves with it because of the uncertainty of the future; uncertainty of your emotions being released in a location and manner you dread.

Let me highlight pain out of the trio because it is something which has no favorites. It visits everyone but how do you respond to it? What you have to know is that when you choose to numb your pain, you are simultaneously numbing your happiness.

You may have heard the saying “your emotions are messengers.” However, when you choose not to be vulnerable, you are ignoring the messages your emotions have come to convey.

When next your emotions show up, release it:

  1. Tell someone exactly how you feel. Personally, during these moments I do not hesitate to tell God how I feel. He created every part of me including the emotions so he can handle everything I tell Him.
  2. Listen to Him for instructions and directions. He always talks back, sometimes in words and ways you do not expect. However, His ways are always perfect. He could lead you to a relative, friend, counselor or event where you will find the support you need.
  3. Rise up and face life again. Before you give up on your dream, I urge you to give it one last try. You may have experienced frustration, anger and hurt but don’t give up.

How can you express vulnerability today? Remember “Courage is not the absence of fear; it is taking action even when you are afraid.”- Unknown


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