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There is no person on this earth who has not had the opportunity to get frustrated, to be bitter, have a sour face or simply put: get angry.

What is your story? A parent or family member abandoned you? A friend was rude to you? Or a neighbor or relative abused you?

Life is full of unfavorable circumstances. There are thousands of promises in the Bible but there is not a single one which says you are going to have a trouble-free life. NO-NOT-ONE!  People who don’t do the right thing and those who don’t treat you well are always going to exist. My question is; how do you respond to their actions?

You could do one of two things:

  1. You may choose to give them control over your joy because no one can take it from you but you can give it away.
  2. You can control your joy by asking yourself, “is it worth giving my joy to the person who hurt me?”

You see, when you have sleepless nights over the person who hurt you an hour, a year or twenty years ago, what you are doing is giving them the opportunity to have your joy and peace. Do not let the things you can’t control sour your life. Your life can be sweet if you quit letting the same people and same memories upset you.

Don’t go back to your childhood and give your joy to the person who violated you. It may have been thirty years; the person has not changed or shown any remorse. Don’t let that bother you because you can change.

You cannot control people’s actions but you can change your reaction to their action. Whatever your offender did was their choice. Today you can choose to move on to a life of happiness. There is no greater moment of freedom than when you make the decision to keep your joy no matter what comes against you mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Nothing can keep you from your destiny. God loves you and I love you too!


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