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Inspiration not Pity


Take control of how you reflect and talk about the issues of your life. Today makes it 23 years since my father passed away.

For the longest time, I lived in denial that his death had any effect on me. In secondary and high school, every time a friend lost a parent and I saw their anguish, I would say to myself, it’s a good thing my father died when I was eight years old and at a time when I had few memories of him.

I will move on to remind myself of the things I would have done better if he was still alive. All that did was bring tears and pain pushing me deeper into grief.

When I started focusing on the fond memories I had of him, the ones filled with joy, laughter and happiness, they always brought a smile to my face. Whenever I have thoughts of my father death, the incident of his last days playing in my mind, I would switch that with the good memories I have of him. Dwelling on the good memories will not bring him back to life but it will renew my strength to face life with positivity.

You can have a whole new life in front if you decide to change the narrative and face the future.

You should consider letting go of the stories of the people who offended you and offend you. If you are on planet Earth people will continue to offend you. You may choose to dwell on it or delete the incident and focus on the good stories or some other exciting incident.

Whrn it cones to abuse, I understand it could be hard to have fond stories of someone who abused you but if you are in a safe environment now, talk about those incidents for inspiration and not for pity.

If you had such experiences, what have you achieved being bitter and resentful? You have to empower yourself by dropping the hurt and move forward in your life.

Don’t imprison your destiny because someone hurt you. They may be living their life while you are in a cage mourning about how they didn’t treat you right. Your past is not supposed to determine your future, you can have a whole new life in front of you decide to drop the past and face the future.

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