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Birth of the Inner Critic


Have you ever considered why you need to transform your mind?

Trauma, as well as many mental health challenges, often led to inner hatred, harsh self-criticism, and self-sabotage. This is the work of the inner critic.

We all have that inner critic who was born when we internalized the opinions of people in authority over us, the actions of others or our perception of expectations.
It could have been born when someone said you didn’t measure up in some ways, you are inadequate or faulty. Perhaps by your observation; you were praised for doing the right thing, ignored or worse still got into trouble for doing the wrong thing.

This gave birth to that voice in you which says “what kind of an idiot are you; I can’t believe you did that.” “You don’t deserve to exist.” “You never do anything right.” “You have to do it this way in order to be liked and accepted.”

It is not God’s intention for us to be at war with ourselves on the inside.

The inner critic is trying to protect you from the criticism of other people. Appreciate it for its role but tell it you can do things differently now. Find the truth you need for that situation. Use the truth in God’s word to renew your mind from the opinion of the inner critic so you can be transformed into the amazing person God made you be.

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