The Caged Giant: From victim through survivor to thriver

ScreenshotRecovery is possible! Many of us in society today are functioning reasonably well, while others are struggling. We have a sense that there could be more to our lives: more contentment, more achievement, more love and happiness. Yet, it’s as if there’s voices in our minds holding us back from being all we can be. If you are tired of the limiting voices and thinking and are ready to do some emotional heavy lifting to change your outlook, then The Caged Giant can help you break out of your emotional cage and release the limiting mindset that holds you back. Based on personal experience and practice, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach Manyi Ebot explores trauma and the many ways it limits our capacity for love, fulfillment, and success. With her gentle guidance, you will learn how to heal from past traumas, gain clarity on your experiences, see a clearer vision for your life, and point out the lies of trauma and replace them with the truth. If you yearn to unleash your real potential, The Caged Giant will help you along the path to recovery and living your best life.

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